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Hollow Core for Your Construction

Pros At Installing Hollow Core Slabs


Hollow core concrete slabs are commonly used for flooring and roofing because of their strength and durability to support heavy loads. If your construction plans include creating open spaces, these precast slabs are an excellent choice for reducing the need of interior columns.


In cases of extreme weather, fire danger and threats from pests like termites, hollow core is a resistant and resilient choice. 


Additional advantages of precast hollow core slabs include:


  • Quicker installation: Keep construction timelines on track

  • Material Options: The ability to work with a variety of other
    building materials 

  • Sound Reduction: Greater sound reduction within the
    structure and outside

  • Cost-savings: Structural heating and cooling as a result
    of material efficiency


Contact us to learn more about your construction options and capabilities for hollow core.

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