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Why Choose Steel Beams?

The Benefits of Structural Steel Beams


Steel structural support beams have long been a standard in commercial and residential construction projects. Steel is a versatile building material that offers a number of advantages for residential and small commercial construction, including:


  • Strength and durability: Steel is one of the strongest and most durable building materials available. It is also resistant to fire, rot and pests.

  • Speed of construction: Steel buildings can be constructed much faster than traditional wood buildings. This is because steel components can be prefabricated in a factory and then assembled on site.

  • Flexibility in design: Steel can be used to create a wide variety of architectural styles, from simple to complex. It is also possible to create large open spaces with steel framing, which is ideal for commercial buildings.

  • Sustainability: Steel is a recyclable material, and steel buildings can be designed to be energy-efficient. This can help to reduce the environmental impact of a building over its lifetime.

In addition to these general advantages, steel also offers a number of specific benefits for residential and small commercial construction,
such as:


  • Reduced foundation costs: Steel buildings are lighter than traditional wood buildings, which means that they require smaller and less expensive foundations.

  • Increased usable space: Steel buildings have thinner walls than traditional wood buildings, which means that they offer more usable space within the same footprint.

  • Lower maintenance costs: Steel buildings are very low-maintenance, and they do not require regular painting or staining like wood buildings.

Structural steel for office buildings retail stores restaurants and storage facilities
Enabling design flexibility for custom residential archictect renovations and remodels

Because steel is strong, durable, flexible and sustainable, it is becoming an increasingly common choice for construction. It can also help to reduce construction costs and maintenance costs over the lifetime of a building.


If you are considering using steel for your next residential or small commercial construction project, talk to our experts about your architect’s or engineer’s specifications. Our team can help you to choose the right steel products for a building that meets your specific needs and budget. View W beam specs. 

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